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Alumni Achievement Award

The Penn State Alumni Achievement Award recognizes alumni 35 years of age and younger for their extraordinary professional accomplishment. These prominent young alumni are nominated by an academic college and invited by the President of the University to return to campus to share their expertise with students, faculty, and administrators. They demonstrate to students that Penn State alumni can succeed in exceptional fashion at an early age. The award is given by the Penn State Alumni Association.

The following is a list of Graduate School alumni who have received Penn State Alumni Achievement Awards.



  • Rebecca West Burns ’02, ’08g, ’12g Edu
  • Susan E. Dickinson ’11g Hbg
  • Gavin P. Hayes ’07g EMS

Recipients' biographies, 2005-Present


  • Christopher M. Thomas, '03, '08g Bus


  • Vivian P. Chang '01g Agr
  • Patrick J. Flynn '01, '03g EMS
  • Jeremy E. Frank '97, '01g Eng, '05g IDF
  • Bernard J. Hershberger '02, '07g Hbg


  • Heather Leed Neary ’09g Hbg
  • Matthew L. Silvis '02g Med
  • Rachel L. Tereska '00, '01g Eng


  • Sara B. Das ’03g EMS


  • Alan Majewski ’02g Bus
  • Ian M. Paul ’98g, ’03g Med
  • Bulent Tarman ’06g Edu
  • Uday T. Turaga ’02g EMS


  • Tabbetha A. Dobbins ’02g EMS
  • Kameswar Rao Ellajosyula ’98g Agr
  • Keegan-Michael Key ’96g A&A
  • Heath A. Mitts ’96g Bus (Graduate School)
  • Evan S. Trost ’02g Med


  • George H. Bryan ’96, ’98g, ’03g EMS
  • Sanjay Chandran ’97g IDF (Graduate School)
  • Carla J. Hargrove ’97g A&A
  • Menassie M. Taddese ’97g Bus


  • M. Christopher Brown II ’97 PhD Edu
  • Kerry L. Golden ’91, ’93 MEd Agr
  • Marc L. Rigas ’94 MS, ’98 PhD IDF (Graduate School)
  • Bradley E. Sinrod ’03 MBA GrtVly

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