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Best Practices for Program Chairs to Communicate and Stay in Touch with Alumni

After careful evaluation of survey data provided by administrators of Penn State's graduate degree programs, the members of the Graduate School Alumni Society (GSAS) Board of Directors' Communications Committee compiled a short list of "best practices" or set of recommendations for graduate degree program chairs to communicate and stay in touch with alumni. The overall goal of establishing the list is to create an effective model that can be applied reasonably to a diverse range of disciplines. The best practices are:

  • Update and maintain alumni information, working with the alumni representative within the designated college or campus, the Penn State Alumni Association, the Graduate School, and other appropriate entities, as needed, to keep alumni information as up to date as possible.
  • Communicate with alumni using online resources, as is effective, including, but not limited to, establishment of newsletters and/or newswires, and implementation of other online tools as the technologies and strategies evolve.
  • Work with the college-designated representative on the GSAS Board, when contacted, to lay the groundwork for preparation of reports by the college-designated representative to the GSAS Board of Directors. The goal is to create a seamless, efficient, and productive communication channel with all involved, without placing stress on institutional resources.

The GSAS Board of Directors offered input and support for formal adoption of these best practices, and, as a result, it is our hope that they will be shared with individuals within the colleges/units who might benefit from them.

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