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2017 Updates for Graduate Assistants

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February 22, 2017
Electrical engineers create tiny but powerful medical devices
Battery-operated medical devices implanted in human bodies have saved countless lives. A common implant, the cardioverter defibrillator, sends a jolt of electricity to the heart when needed, preventing a heart attack or heart failure. While patients’ lives are improved by this technology, if the device causes an infection or the battery needs to be replaced, more invasive procedures are necessary. Mehdi Kiani is seeking a better solution.
February 21, 2017
Vice Provost Blannie Bowen to retire from position leading academic affairs
Blannie E. Bowen, Penn State’s vice provost for academic affairs, is retiring on June 30, after nearly 30 years in leadership positions with the University.
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Sixty-five Penn State programs were ranked in the most recent NRC Assessment of Research Doctorate...

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Graduate School announces five new graduate student recognition awards

The Graduate School at Penn State has established five new...


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